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Naomi Cox
Tel. 01273 - 296400



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Sub Group Work Plan








Person Centred Approaches Sub Group



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Why Person Centred Approaches are important

Person Centred Approaches are very important. One of the most important things is to listen to the person with a learning disabilitly. Person Centred Approaches will help us change the way services are provided and will empower people with learning disabilities to make decisions and changes in their lives.

In Brighton and Hove all providers are expected to support people to have Person Centre Plans and the Partnership Board supports the use of Person Centred Feedback Forms.

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Checking Person Centred Planning

Person Centred Feedback form - please send us one of these forms everytime a person-centred plan is reviewed. We can use the information to plan services. Confidentiality is assured. These reports tell you what we learn from those feedback forms.

We also check if service providers are helping people do person centred plans

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Person Centred Approaches Documents and Links

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What is Self Directed Support?

This group also looks at the work being done on Direct Payments and Personal/Individual Budgets (those are types of self-directed support) for People with learning Disabilities in Brighton and Hove. This page includes information on Self Directed Support.


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Self-Directed Support Documents and Links

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We had a Self-Directed Support Information session

Information session flier


About 20 people attended an information session about self-directed support in January of 2010

They talked and learnt about ways people can direct their own support

If you could not come to the information session there is lots of information in the Self-Directed Support Documents and Links list on this webpage

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“Supporting Me” guides for Personal Assistants (PAs)

There are two copies of each guide. One is a PDF colour copy , with photos and drawings. The other is a text only version of the guide (a word document), with no photos or drawings. This can be emailed and printed out easily on a home computer. It can be altered by an individual employer so that it is personal and tailored to them. Their photos can be added to it.

(these are large files and will take some time to download).

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Forum Learning Sessions


We run 3-4 sessions a year during 2012 we ran the following sessions:


  • Person Centred Planning Energiser
  • Effective Job Coaching
  • Supporting people with Housing Options
  • Q-Kit quality checking taster session




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Learning Disability Development Fund

In past years the Learning Disability Partnership Board has given money from the Learning Disability Development Fund to our area of work.

Here are reports from the 2010/11 projects:

Here are reports from the 2009/10 projects:

Here are reports from the 2008/09 projects:

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Sub Group Membership

Sub Group Chair and Representative to the Partnership Board:

Naomi Cox - Manager Integrated Learning Disability Services
Brighton & Hove City Council
Tel. 01273 - 296400

Eva Jarvis - Director Grace Eyre Foundation

Tracy Mair - Service Improvement Manager, Brighton & Hove Integrated Learning Disability Services

Ella Arnardottir - Southdown Housing

Sarah Coombes - Speakout

Louise Harman - St Johns

Rowena Tierney - Arundel Care

Beth Hemsley - Outlook House

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