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The Partnership Board Link Group & Big Meetings

The Link Group attends the Learning Disability Partnership Board. They represent the views of the Speak Out Advocacy Groups Network to promote positive changes in services for people with learning difficulties. The Link Group sends representatives and a support worker to Partnership Board meetings.

The Link Group meet with members of the Advocacy Groups Network at the Big Meetings. All self-advocacy groups are invited to send representatives to the Big Meetings:

Venue: Big Hall @ Portslade Town Hall

The Advocacy Groups Network has put together a Speak Out and Listen information bulletin . Group members talk about the work they have done with different organsiations in the city promoting better services for people with learning disabilities.

In October 2010 Speak Out did a report about the things people at the Big Meeting had said about preparing and chosing food. food report oct 2010

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Regional Day Meeting

for People from Black and Minority Ethnic Groups

Giving Us A Voice Logo

The Giving Us a Voice project held a Regional Day Meeting for people with learning disabilities from Black & Minority Ethnic groups on Thursday 20th January at the Holiday Inn. This was to gather stories and experiences that people wanted to share about their lives and services they receive or support they want.

The Giving Us a Voice project has now produced a National Charter for Inclusion and a National-Charter-easy-read.  All organisations are encouraged to sign up to the charter. 

More information can be found at givingusavoice.org.uk




Meet the Partnership Board Co-Chair

People with learning disabilities elected Betty as the Co-chair of the Learning Disability Partnership Board during a Speak Out Big Meeting in July 2010.

Betty Vincent

Betty has a lot of experience chairing meetings.  She had chaired the Loud and Clear group and for the last four years had chaired the Speak Out Big Meetings.  Betty has also been a member of the Learning Disability Partnership Board for the last six years. 

Betty says she always listens very carefully because the information is important. 

Betty knows what people with learning disabilities need in meetings.  She says “It is important that people with learning difficulties understand what people are saying at the meeting. If you don’t understand you feel awful.” As co-chair Betty will ask people with learning difficulties if they understood. If they did not she would get people to use simpler words and talk slowly.

Contact Betty via Speak Out Advocacy Project:
Tel: 01273 421921  Email: info@bhspeakout.org.uk

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Brighton and Hove Speak Out Advocacy Project

Speak Out

Speak Out is an independent charity which supports adults with learning disabilities to have more control over their lives, and to know about and claim their rights. We provide a range of advocacy by providing:

  • Advocacy with individuals: around 50 different people get individual advocacy support each year
  • Advocacy in groups: Speak Out supports 6 advocacy groups. People work together in their group to learn and sort out problems. All the groups work together on some issues. Together they take issues to the Learning Disability Partnership Board, and work with other services and managers to affect change.
  • Training and raising awareness in services and communities: Trainers with learning disabilities help a wide range of public service staff to understand how to make their services easier to use.
  • Campaigning for changes in services and policies: Speak Out staff, and people in the advocacy groups give their views about public service plans and policies.

For further information please contact us using the following details:

Tel: 01273 421921  Email: info@bhspeakout.org.uk

Website: www.bhspeakout.org

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Interact provides advocacy, support, information and training services to adults with learning disabilities. We aim to ensure that those with learning disabilities are able to access the right services and information that they need. We run a Drop-In service for advice and help.

Tel: 01273 422971   Email: info@interact.bh-impetus.org

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Learning Disability Development Fund

The Learning Disability Partnership Board uses money from the Learning Disability Development Fund for support for the Co-Chair of the Partnership Board, a Link Group for adults with learning disabilities and the Advocacy Groups Network & Big Meetings & Network News. Here are reports from these activities:

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Useful documents and web sites:

Consent - a guide for people with learning disabilities is published by the Department of Health

DOLS easy read is an easy to read booklet from the Department of Health about the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.

givingusavoice.org.uk is the website of the Giving Us a Voice project carried out by ARC, BILD and Mencap which has written a national charter for inclusion for people with learning disabilities and their families from ethnic minority communities.

MCA easy read is an easy to read booklet from the Department of Health about the Mental Capacity Act


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